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Love & Revolution

Back to the Movement

Patriots, Panthers, Lords and Rainbows

Deplorable Me

Goldilocks and the Green Chiles

3/10ths between First and Third

Within Our Lifetime

Mournings After


Seeds of Destiny

Preserving our CommonWealth

Do the Right Thing

Where There’s Smoke

The Spirit of the Fire Monkey

Our Nation’s Closet

Fire with Fire

Transcultural Leadership

Ahmed Built a Clock and Woke the Nation Up

Building Common Ground with Law Enforcement

Settling Scores

Troubled Waters

Was Blind but Now

100 Years of Grace

The Realm of Possibility

The United States of Anxiety

Othering and Belonging

“Black” Matters

One Drop at a Time

The Snowball Effect

It Started with the Tea

Restoring Right Relationship

The Key of Life

The Bridge

Reclaiming Kumbaya


Bringing It Home

Beyond Words

Finding a Decent White Man

This (Is)land is My Land. This (Is)land is Her Land.

Balancing Truth and Reality

To Protect and Defend

Reimagining Privilege

A Great Place to Work…Where People can do their Best Work


Dialogue: It’s not just for Birds

Shaking Off Assumptions

Elegant Racism

Turning Off the Work Switch

A 10,000 lb. Drop of Honey

Our Iconic Stories


The Good News


The Making of a Cultural Translator

The Only One

Embracing Crisis

Gorillas in the Mirror


The Angry Asian Man Within

Taking Flight

Bending the Arc toward Justice

Holding Culture


The Truth behind Teambuilding

Survival of the Nicest

Cultivating Human Talent

Notes from the Playground

Defining Moments

Finding Magic in the Mundane

What a giant, the president, and a pair of drag queens can teach us about leadership.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Navigating towards Confidence

The Human Terrain of War



Bringing Down the Fences

Liberation and Loss

 Noble Failure

How to Have Courageous Conversations

Responding to Meanness with Courage

Beginning Anew

The Power of Internal Networkers

Reimagining Work

Finding that Perfect Balance between your Professional and Personal Lives

The Joy of Stress

The Synchronicity of Enchanted Time.

When Closets Collide.

Doing the work that make all other work possible.

Stalwarts and Safety Nets.

Becoming Part of the Solution.


Thriving in Tough Times.

Work Less. Live More.

Redefining Success

Mastering the Two-Minute Challenge

Innovation and Chocolate.

You say Yes. I say No.

Healing Racism

The Smallest Moments can have the Biggest Impact

Standing at the Gates of Hope

Reflections on Wave Jumping

I have arrived. I am home.

 Intentional Acts of Kindness

Making Time for Joy

The Five Elements: Working with Royalty

The Five Elements: The Importance of Assessing your Organization’s Culture

The Five Elements: A Framework for Clarity and Confidence to Implement your Projects

Pushing Rocks to Move Mountains

Six Simple Steps to get your Audacious Goals to Bloom

Losing Forward and the Art of Compromise

Teambuilding and Collaboration – The Rules of the Game

Self-Determination and a New American Ethos

Fundamentals of Facilitation – When to Invest in a Professional

Fundamentals of Facilitation – When Things Fall Apart

Fundamentals of Facilitation – Before and After

Fundamentals of Facilitation – What’s Your Agenda?

Fundamentals 0f Facilitation – Meetings – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Is Inclusion the New Diversity?

Every Act Counts

Young at Every Age

Finding Opportunities in this Recession

The Pursuit of Happiness…in the workplace

Tending to the Important but Not Urgent Things in Life

What is Organizational Design Anyway?

A Balancing Act

 There’s a Fine Line Between Courage and Foolishness

Addressing the Big Questions with Clarity and Consensus