Zzz (Put to sleep) – The Five Elements

“Kevin has created one of the few organizational development models that has universal application for any organization to examine and improve its strategic planning, staff development and leadership practices.”
~ Tessie Guillermo, President and CEO, ZeroDivide

The Five Elements offers people a unique framework to analyze organizational systems, cultures and leadership styles within a context of change.  It enables all levels to respond to both anticipated and unanticipated changes in a constructive manner, and serves as a useful tool for organizations and individuals to incorporate into their overall strategies and day-to-day operations.

The 5 Elements

Drawing upon universal tenets of development both in nature and the workplace, The Five Elements builds upon the following components or “elements”:

Nature Organizational Stage Leadership Style
Water Consolidation The Philosopher
Wood Creation The Visionary|The Optimist
Fire Direction The Networker
Earth Coordination The Caregiver|The Facilitator| The Rock
Metal Implementation The Achiever|The Protector

The key concept of The Five Elements  lies in understanding how each element can support or restrain the other, and how to balance the dynamics between the elements to respond constructively in a given situation.

The Five Elements has been a particularly effective system for:

Organizational Systems and Design
Creating a harmonious work environment by contributing to the design and development of  operating and administrative systems.

Communication & Conflict Resolution
Providing a unique way of looking at group and interpersonal dynamics that affirms differing views, is non-threatening and practical.

Leadership Development
Acknowledging the spectrum of leadership styles and providing a model for processes to develop in a constructive and harmonious manner.  In addition, it gives leaders a tool to maximize the strengths of each person involved.

Analyzing teams and workgroups in a way that clarifies roles and responsibilities based on the inherent strengths and gifts of each individual.  In this manner, an effective and mutually-supportive team can be maintained.

Strategic Planning & Implementation
Linking the philosophy, premises and processes involved to foster integration from the written plan to actual implementation.

The most effective method for integrating Five Elements of Organizational Success into an organization is by establishing a customized program. It starts with a general presentation to the staff and board, including an analysis of the organization’s culture and leadership style.  We then design a training program tailored to client’s needs.  Organizational readiness and capacity are important considerations that help us to determine an implementation timeline that will allow staff to integrate concepts before the next training session.

You can find more information in this report of The Five Elements.