Zzz (Put to sleep) – Testimonials

Maria Su, Director – San Francisco Department of Children, Youth & Their Families
“Elemental Partners has an amazing ability to take very complex and broad concepts and break them down into clear, tangible action items. They are able to both engage and motivate a diverse group of individuals toward a similar vision, resulting in concrete outcomes.”

Jasjit Singh, Executive Director  – Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF)
“Thanks to the team at Elemental Partners, we emerged  from a period of several years of rapid change with a strategic plan that sets out a series of clear, achievable goals that target all the areas of greatest concern to members of the community. Even more than the strategic plan itself, the process of creating it has been invigorating and unifying for the community at large, for which I give credit to Elemental Partners.”

Felicia Davis – Black Leadership Forum
“Typically my inner child folds her hands and refuses to ‘be facilitated’ but Kevin masterfully got her to come out and play. He even got her to share some of her toys and not throw sand in anyone’s eyes. I don’t think it gets better than that and as a result we got a tremendous amount of work done.”

Dr. Tom Huberty, Board of Directors and Cultural Task Force Chair – Presence Health
“Kevin and Sandra were very personable, warm, and expressed a genuine interest in the work of our organization. They took the time to absorb our many complexities and, understood what it would take to move our organization forward. They were also was extremely flexible and willing to adjust to the various personality types of our staff and board, as well as producing large quantities of quality work within a short amount of time.”

Dr. Winston Wong, Kaiser Permanente
“Elemental Partners has the capacity to work with very raw material so the organization does not necessarily have to have thought everything through in advance of working with him. Their expertise is in asking the right questions to begin thinking through strategic, organizational, and other areas of work.”

Judy Reese Morse – Former Deputy Mayor – City of New Orleans 
“What I appreciated most was the way in which Elemental Partners worked with me as a thinking partner to create the agenda. First, working with me to understand and articulate a clear picture of what my goals and objectives were, then providing creative options for how we could reach those objectives all the while thinking about how to adapt their style to meet the diverse learning curve of the participants.”