Zzz (Put to sleep) – Leadership Development

“Elemental Partners isn’t afraid to face challenges and problem-solve, while providing strong facilitation and a commitment to productivity and tangible outcomes. They listened to our needs and designed a process that allowed for us to work in creative and collaborative ways rather than ‘business as usual’.”
~ Carladenise Edwards, Chief Strategy Officer – Alameda Health System

We help leaders develop their capacity to utilize both strength and flexibility to respond to the constant forces of change.

People serve as stewards of organizations, and when they work with purposes, principles, structures and practices that are well aligned, they have the potential to exert productive influence. Clarifying roles, establishing a sense of common identity, understanding communication style, providing necessary guidance, feedback and training are important aspects in determining how leaders can be nurtured and developed. Elemental Partners can assist you in the following ways –

Board & Executive Development
As the stewards of an organization, the board of directors and executive leaders require clear vision, process and policies so they can communicate direction effectively with each other, their staff and their stakeholders. Elemental Partners assists boards and executives in:

  • Establishing a common strategic vision and direction;
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities;
  • Developing a Governance Policy Manual to exercise good governance, communication and strategic thinking;
  • Understanding the power and influence of leadership style on an organization’s culture;
  • Building a collective identity and a strong, unified team;
  • Evaluating a board’s performance; and
  • Working toward setting both short- and long-term action plans.
Leadership & Mentoring Workshops/Trainings
Customized 1- to 5-day sessions offering interactive approaches to:

  • Examine how leadership and mentoring is defined in various cultures and contexts;
  • Understand the difference between leadership, management and mentoring;
  • Determine personal leadership and communication styles;
  • Build facilitation and leadership skills; and
  • Expand skills and understanding of how to work in diverse settings.

Trainings can be tailored for youth or adult audiences.

Fellowship Programs
Elemental Partners has served as lead designer, facilitator and faculty for several national, statewide and regional leadership fellowship programs, ranging from one to three years.  Services include:

  • Development of the overall design and vision of the fellowship program;
  • Outreach and selection of fellows;
  • Program and logistical planning;
  • Program Facilitation; and
  • Evaluation

Read about an example of our Fellowship work with ZeroDivide at (insert link)

Leadership Skills and Styles Assessment
The Five Elements of Organizational Success provides a model to determine and manage leadership styles and interpersonal dynamics, and serves as a tool for leadership development, conflict resolution and teambuilding.We conduct an assessment all members to determine which individual leadership style best describes them: the Philosopher, the Visionary, the Networker, the Facilitator or the Achiever.  We then apply the Five Elements of Organizational Success system to determine how the team can work together harmoniously while respecting each other’s diverse strengths and skills.  Utilizing this team approach implies that there is no single model of leadership, nor does one person need to be and do everything.  The key is to work with each person’s leadership style in mind so they can bring their best to the team.