Zzz (Put to sleep) – Organizational Design and Systems

“Elemental Partners has been extremely instrumental in helping me build leadership teams, as well as a cohesive framework for organizational management that seamlessly blends western management practices with holistic, non-western philosophies and values.”
~ Tessie Guillermo, President & CEO  – ZeroDivide

At Elemental Partners, we provide a way for an organization to clearly understand and define its place and purpose in the world.

Organizational Design illuminates the inherent patterns of an organization in order to ground and focus all members of the team. By articulating the mission, vision and values, institutional story, culture, founding principles, and overall strategies, an organization can grow with a clear sense of purpose and direction.

Organizational Systems include leadership practices, governance and operational policies and procedures, institutional structures, and communication guidelines and norms.  Well integrated and aligned organizational systems result in more grounded, productive and happier workplaces.

Elemental Partners works closely with clients to build practical and efficient frameworks of organizational design and systems through the following methods –

Determining a Common Philosophy and Strategic Direction
Establishing a common set of premises, both philosophically and operationally, assures productive alignment with an organization’s purpose and direction. Such alignment leads to consistent messaging to staff, stakeholders, investors and the general public. Elemental Partners fosters this alignment though a process called “Charting Your Course” which allows a group to establish a common vision and identity in order to attain their goals.

Strengthening Diversity and Inclusion
Designing integrated system-wide strategies to address diversity, inclusion and building cultural capacity within organizations begins with individual perceptions about diversity and inclusion.  We facilitate learning that allows us to embrace other cultures and viewpoints.  We provide a model that integrates small and achievable steps over time toward building institutional cultural capacity and inclusion within the organization.

Deepening Organizational Culture
Knowing and naming the organization’s culture allows for what one client described as “finding true north.” By clarifying and articulating culture, organizations can align their core beliefs, behavoris, habits and traditions with their mission and intended direction.  We engage clients in a process that draws from the spirit of their community, their place and their people to determine their unique approach and offering to the world.

Analyzing Infrastructure and Capacity
We harness comprehensive expertise in human resources, finance, fund development, information technology, program planning, administrative systems, marketing, and evaluation to provide a deep assessment of the capacity of our clients to fulfill their mission.

Managing Change
We offer a proven system to respond quickly and constructively to both anticipated and unanticipated changes on a variety of fronts. The Five Elements of Organizational Success provides tools and solutions to focus on how organizational culture, personalities, power, external forces and philosophy can play a role in affecting the most harmonious and effective results within a context of change.

Values-based Integration and Evaluation
While many organizations have a values statement, few can demonstrate how those values actually play out on a day-to-day basis.  We analyze the implementation of the values from all perspectives, including governance, administration, program and evaluation.  We then work closely with the staff and board to insure that the organization’s policies and practices reflect the values and develop activities and campaigns to integrate the values throughout the organization.