“Elemental Partners has a keen sense for engaging groups to draw upon their strengths and recognize the natural abilities they possess as positive change agents.”

Tessie Guillermo, Chair, Dignity Health

Elemental Partners offers customized services to meet your organizational needs. Our goals are to:


  • Facilitate processes where people can access and maximize their individual and collective wisdom
  • Provide inspiration, clarity, direction and structure for people to move forward with confidence, integrity and hope
  • Create healthy and prosperous spaces for people to live, work and play
  • Enable people to examine and improve their capacity in self-reflection, strategic thinking, leadership and communication
  • Support and listen with compassion

The Transcultural Bridge

As our world becomes more complex, leaders are called to work among diverse communities and cultures. The Transcultural Bridge is a training series that provides people with the knowledge and skills to navigate across cultures – respecting the integrity of each group while seeking beneficial intersections to expand our circle of belonging.

The Five Elements

A framework for organizational health, professional growth, and personal well-being, The Five Elements combines the latest research and best practices in organizational design and leadership development with East Asian principles of health to expand and deepen an organization’s capacity to thrive in an increasingly complex world.

The Second Circle

Drawing upon traditions across cultures, The Second Circle connects people in ways that promote trust, appreciation and healing. We apply universal principals of community building to clarify purpose, align values, and work toward real and sustainable change. When people trust the power of the circle, healing and transformation happens.