Zzz (Put to sleep) – Strategic Planning

“The folks at Elemental Partners are a superb listeners and the strategic planning process emerged organically as they came to understand our community and its various constituents. Participants were impressed with how quickly, under their firm but gentle guidance, we could go from myriad of ideas to a streamlined plan of action.”
~ Ben Plumley, CEO – Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation

A good strategic plan effectively integrates an organization’s philosophy with its operational structure to achieve its mission.

Elemental Partners can take your organization through the development and implementation phases of the strategic planning process. The strategic planning process includes:

  • Defining and/or clarifying organizational philosophy, premises and processes;
  • Organizational, consumer and environmental assessments;
  • Stakeholder surveys and interviews;
  • Identification of core strategic areas and goals;
  • Development of objectives and activities;
  • Writing a comprehensive executive summary for public relations and marketing purposes;
  • Utilizing the Five Elements of Organizational Success to provide a good method of integrating the strategic plan from the written report to actual implementation ; and
  • Establishing an annual action plan with specific accountability measures.

We also assist clients in facilitating the implementation and longer-term accountability measures through follow-up meetings and retreats to ensure that the goals of the strategic plan continue to be successfully achieved.