Zzz (Put to sleep) – Values

Elemental Partners draws upon these universal Native Hawaiian values to conduct their work:



Kuleana (that which one was born to become) embodies responsibility and duty paired with reciprocity. We help our clients discover and articulate their unique gifts and assets so they can better understand how to serve their community and the world.

Maple Leaves


To be in right or harmonious relationship – Pono – means engaging challenges by doing our best while also assuming that others are doing their best as well.  Pono seeks to foster the capacity to understand justice, feel hope and express compassion toward others.

The Sun


Ho’ihi, respect for oneself and treating others with reverence, is our way of showing how we honor the opinions of others through courtesy and mutual respect.  All are strengthened by diverse perspectives, skills and contributions.


Lokahi and Laulima

We combine Lokahi (blending opposites) with Laulima (many hands together) to embody working together in a harmonious and holistic manner in the best interests of all. These two values reflect our intention to work in the spirit of community, coordination and cooperation.


Ho‘omau means to persevere and persist in a way that causes lasting positive impact.  We ask of ourselves what we ask of clients: to show integrity and accountability through active and dedicated participation.